Unpaved roads

Unpaved Roads

Envirothor  has been used all over the world on unpaved roads. When applied it cements the soil particles together increasing compaction and creating a tough layer of protection. This eliminates dust, ruts and wash boarding. It can easily be applied out of anything that sprays water and can be applied topically (if good compaction has been established) or mixed in. It holds up for 10 to 14 months before a light maintenance application is needed. If your road presents a challenge consider the product that has been used by many governments to home owners associations through out the world. Use Envirothor.


Envirothor has been effectively used as a sub-base for roads out performing a standard rock base in performance and significantly in cost. Envirothor II has been a preferred choice by many Departments of Transportation’s replacing rock base and then having a cinder seal sprayed over. Contact us today for references.

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