Envirothor is used on construction sites commonly to increase efficiency and lower job costs. After a pad is graded apply Envirothor II to stabilize the pad this will maintain the integrity of the pad and eliminate dust caused by de-vegetation. This also saves on the cost of having water trucks maintain the site. After an application of Envirothor II the area no longer needs to be maintained by water trucks. The application is incredibly affordable and can last 12 months or greater.

SWPPP (Erosion and Sediment Control):
Envirothor is great for SWPPP, when applied to slopes it will eliminate erosion and sediment run-off. When applied it will bond the soil particles together with an environmentally safe plastic film. This film will stabilize the hill/slope not allowing sediment to be carried down by water or wind, it will also protect not allowing water to absorbed in the soil eliminating the threat of erosion ruts. It has been proven to be more effective and a lot more affordable than erosion blankets and such.

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